Six demands for home & social care workers

1. Full pay for all self isolation
2. PPE for all staff
3. More uniforms
4. Clear advice and procedures
5. Increased flexibility and leave
6. Right to join a union and have a say

  1. Full pay for all self isolation, including for those with Covid19 symptoms, family with suspected Covid19 or due to underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to the virus according to government advice.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment to be provided to all staff suitable to their role, at least gloves, aprons, face mask and goggles or face mask with visors.
  3. Increased supplies of Uniform and expenses for increased uniform washing.
  4. Clear advice on Covid19 and the procedures for keeping themselves and clients safe. Including on PPE, social distancing and cleaning and on how to care for those with Covid19.
  5. Increased flexibility and special leave provision for staff who are having to deal with additional childcare or family illness during this crisis.
  6. Involvement in decisions on processes and procedures relating to Covid-19. The ability to communicate with fellow workers and the right to be part of a trade union.

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